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Christopher Hoskins

Designer, Programmer

Durham, North Carolina, US


Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Christopher

I am looking for someone who can do research and get out there talking to people finding out what people are looking for in regards to my software product. I need to know if the features I am adding to my software are things that should be in the first release or if things should be headed in another direction. I will need someone that has the ability to do marketing for the product to get the word out and get people using it. I need them do all of the legwork hustling and pushing the product and shaping its direction and worrying about any possible legal issues there may be. I am doing the design and development of the software and dealing with all of the technology but I do not have time to juggle both this and all of the little details along with getting the word out about it and getting people to use it.

Managing People
Product Management


Computer Science

2005 - 2005