Christopher Kwoka

New York, New York, US

Christopher's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Christopher

Hi All,

I am looking for a motivated individual or individuals that are ready to help to launch the next billion dollar business and to change the world. What I am doing fixes 3 problems faced in America, and it's a platform that can help so many people in so many ways! It's a revolutionary idea that needs only need about 6 months of hard work. Ideally, I am looking for the funding of between 25k-30k, exact dollar amt TBD. The focus is on building an app that fits my exact vision. If you want to take part in an adventure of a lifetime and help me get my company up and running, you won't regret it. I did a survey and out of 100 people, we had 86 say they would sign up! 5 not sure. 9 people that it wasn't a match for. Those statistics are high. I want to survey 1000 people, so that will be next!