Christopher Ponzi

Los Angeles, California, US

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Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

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At a time when harsh economic realities have left future prospects dire and dark for many, my co-founder and I want to galvanize and empower our generation (Gen Y) to still believe and achieve the futures that they have dreamed for themselves. We believe these futures are still very much alive and can be accomplished through the power of community, collaboration and co-achievement, but this starts with a rebirth of optimism and the belief that anything is possible. Levitate is our answer. We plan to harness cutting edge research on the science of human motivation and gamification to build a mobile app that does just this. Users will be rewarded for helping one another accomplish their dreams as well as their own, and will have the opportunity to earn points that can be redeemed for tangible goods and services.

My co-founder and I are looking for a technical founder and/or advisor that understands mobile app and/or game design to help us apply for rounds of start up accelerators in Chile, Brazil, and Colombia as well as providing some technical design advice for our MVP. We already have a development company lined up to build our MVP and are awaiting the next couple days to see if we receive funding from a seed investor to begin product development. Initially, we would prefer someone who is from Latin America and/or that is bi or tri-lingual that speaks english, spanish and/or brazilian portuguese as we plan on doing business in these countries as well as the US. This can be a very low-effort gig, in that we can offer financial incentive, small equity, or sweat equity for very little time in. This is of course negotiable for both parties. This following two months would require that we can mostly use your advise, name, and expertise to apply to these various startup accelerators that require a technical background, where ours is in business and creative/marketing. However, should we develop a strong working relationship and chemistry, there could potentially be long-term work opportunities.

Our website is just a landing page at the moment If you are interested, we can give you the details about us and where our Start Up stands in an e-mail/skype convo. We would like to find someone ASAP! THANKS SO MUCH!



Bachelor's of Arts

2009 - 2009