Christopher Price

Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Christopher's Skills
Business Development

About Christopher

First and foremost, ideas do not count until you can demonstrate relevance, engagement and momentum. My purpose is simple. I desire to create an organization committed to researching, developing, and providing high-quality products and services that enrich, entertain, and shape the lives of people around the globe. In doing so, I am looking for a team that not only has the will to reexamine the past, but to improve the present, as well as define the future.

At the moment, I am one of the co-founders of an early-stage tech company, focused on redefining human interaction. We are currently developing a platform that allows our users to explore the world in real time, through live video streaming. Through this service alone, we have developed significant traction, winning several business competitions, while simultaneously finishing as top contenders in others. Our service will be released this year and it is this organization, as well as the several others that I plan to be a part of, that will define my legacy.

I am not just looking to turn this dream into a reality with anyone; I am looking for the best; someone who has faith; someone who is relentless, cunning and not afraid to lose.