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I built a product to support electronic data-collection in developing-country settings, useful for development economics research, program evaluations, mHealth applications, and more. You can see the product at It started as an MVP and has been received extremely well; revenue is starting to flow in and prospects look excellent.

So far, I have self-funded and run everything myself. Now it is time to bring in other people and outside money, and to scale up. I have a line on early angel investors, but I do not yet have a business-savvy person to come in as, effectively, a co-founder. I have been able to get the ball rolling, but I do not have the business, marketing, and sales skills to scale this up myself.

Here is a very brief bio on me:

Christopher Robert is a technologist, an entrepreneur, an economist, a researcher, and a lecturer. As a technologist and entrepreneur, he: spearheaded technology efforts for the leading provider of software and hardware for multi-user bulletin board systems (the online systems most prominent before the Internet); co-founded and helped grow an Internet technology consultancy; and recently founded Dobility, Inc., a business dedicated to developing human-useable technology for research and analysis. As an economist, researcher, and lecturer, he: is involved in a long-term project to evaluate the impacts of microfinance in South India; is involved in a new program to promote the use of evidence in policy-making (in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India); and lectures in policy analysis at the Harvard Kennedy School.


Harvard Kennedy School of Government

MPP, Ph.D.

2013 - 2013

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