Christopher Ross

Chicago, Illinois, US

Christopher's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Christopher

I cut my teeth as a developer, moved up the ranks as a consultant and technology executive. Graduated from the first Founder Institute session in Chicago, with the vision of my company, FotoJelly Inc. I did most of the technical design, all of the product management, hired consultants to do most of the development, and had 2 great advisors that are former Microsoft. V1.0 was released as a Windows Phone app in-market and a Windows 8 app, and we learned from that mistake.

We believe there is even greater viability for our product in the market, and are looking for a co-founder w/ cross-platform (iOS & Android) mobile development skills to help us get to an MVP before pursuing either angel investment or going the crowdfunding route to v1.0

We've had a great time on this roller coaster, and would love to hook up with like-minded Technical and Marketing co-founder, partners and/or mentors!


Chance favors the prepared mind. - Unknown


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