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Christopher Vassell

Business Developer

San Antonio, Texas, US


About Christopher

Ideas are cheap and execution is everything. I'm looking for a partner that agrees with that philosophy and is willing to execute a lean startup with me. I recently quit my job at Sprint, and I have nothing but time and determination. I've placed myself in a position where I have no choice but to succeed. I am currently taking action now, speaking with customers, validating the market, to see what common problems there are right now.

I have been an entrepreneur for about 7 years now. I've had varied success with online marketing, Ebay, website creation, SEO, PPC, and other types of internet marketing schemes. However, I was tired of primarily focusing on the online component of business; I want to create a sustainable business that adds an incredible amount of value to the customer.

I am looking for someone who has read The Lean Startup and is ready to apply the principles to create a Minimum Viable Product.

For example, Drew Houston’s March 2008 Digg video for Dropbox generated 70K signups for a product that hadn’t been released yet — and went a long way in confirming product-market fit.

My goal is to work with someone; share equal joint equity in the company

My End Goal:
I want to create a Business to Business product that takes the MOST important aspect of an industry, and improves it. At this moment, I do not want an all-in-one solution, because that would require us to change the way a business works; which is not good if we are just starting up, right? :)

This is a zero-risk business financially, we are going to depend on either the business paying us for the idea (I have countless examples of this, if you need proof); and if we need further funding, we can get a hold of investors and create an education presentation; detailing the problem, solution, market size, revenue model + projections, break even points, unfair advantage, etc.