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I am one half of a husband-wife team: we both work at a large and pretty 'cool' tech company, educated at good schools, and are reasonably successful in a conventional sense.

We don't have any ideas: rather we have time, and are looking to find 'purpose' in our professional lives, whatever that means.

We both program really well, although the focus of our skills differs from each other: I am a data/number-crunching type, and she is a front-end engineer. Each of us can code several thousand lines of code, and the largest systems we have built are hundreds of thousands of lines in size.

Just to clear: I am not in tech role, my role probably qualifies as 'strategy' or some such thing. But I still end up coding a LOT (long story, it gets the job done even in 'strategy' jobs:)). She is in an official software engineering role. Both of us are in pretty well-paying jobs, so we can't/won't quit until we have thought the implications through. But we have no illusions about the possibility of finding purpose in our day jobs.