Chuck Blakeman

Denver, Colorado, US

Founder, Chief Transformation Officer, Crankset Group
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Built ten companies from startup to sale. Three were bad ideas, three others provided a nice living, but nothing more. Sold another, highly successful one to the largest company in the fulfillment industry. Have retained three of them. Two are international, one is on three continents.

Advised and mentored a broad range of businesses, from tiny startups to some of the largest technology and pharmaceutical companies in the world. Focused now on advising CEOs and helping them build self-managed workplaces in the emerging work world and escape the outdated hierarchical management structures that stifle creativity and innovation, and growth. We help CEOs give everyone their brain back at every level of their organization, through self-managed teams.

Author of Making Money Is Killing Your Business, #1 Rated Business Book of 2010, and Why Employees Are Always a Bad Idea, Top Ten Business Book of 2014. TEDx and Worldwide speaker on leadership, culture, and the emerging work world.

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Founder, Chief Transformation Officer

3to5 Club

October 2006 - December 2016