Chuck Kelly

San Francisco, California, US

Chuck's Skills
Product Management

About Chuck

Im looking for the best of the best. The smartest and most well connected ppl possible...not necessarily for Buhz, but to pursue multiple spin off ideas in the social space that can leverage what ive already built up w. Buhz. Ive always believed its better to be a goose that lays golden eggs(great team) than to bet on a single golden egg so im here to put together a goose that lays golden eggs.

What do I bring to the table? Im technical( strong expertise & 5 years in iOS, Android, Ruby/PHP API's) , im great with design( Over 10 years of experience. Small preview of work: , im young and im the founder and full owner of the code base ( iOS & Android app + REST API- w. just about every social feature you could possibly imagine neatly coded and capable of being adapted into just about anything. )