CJ Friedman

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

hansonsanatomy.com - we have a strong user base and are looking for a partner to lead monetization.
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User Experience
Business Development

About CJ


I'm looking for a co-founder who can help monetize www.hansonsanatomy.com. My fiancee, Katy, started the instagram account @HansonsAnatomy while in medical school and it now has 33k+ followers, the tumblr has a similar number.

Hanson's Anatomy features original artwork and study guides Katy created while in medical school and beyond, and has a very passionate following.

The average user spends 6+ minutes on the site, and 45% of traffic is returning visitors. We're currently selling her artwork and individual notes, but I know there are greater opportunities for this unique niche.

She's working full-time as a doctor and I have a full-time gig as a marketing director. We're looking for someone who can assist with strategy, potential app development, and other monetization efforts. We will compensate with either a) equity b) commissions on revenue earned or a combination of both.

Please reach out and let's talk!