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Business Developer, Marketer, Product Manager

San Francisco, California, US


Startup Experience

First time founder

About (Chris is searching for a passionate ed-tech entrepreneur who happens to be a front-end and/or full-stack engineer. The right co-founder can slide into a tech co-founding role. Part-time works for the very near-term and is OK until customer demand pulls us out of the 9-5.

ClassWall brings a college student’s complicated school life together fostering kick a$$ collaboration between professors & students in and out of class.

LinkedIn meets Slack, for college students.

We’ve already received incredible feedback from students and professors. ClassWall is ready for alpha testing with a few college classes. All we need is an awesome tech-cofounder that can help iterate the product quickly, in tune w/ our customer development, squishing any pesky bugs that may arise.

We’ve already built real-time chat (web sockets), in-product Google Docs collaboration, message posting within each class stream, commenting & rating posts, questions & answers, as well as uploading/accessing files.

I'm about getting things done, not just talk. If you’re serious, hungry, want to work on a product w/ fantastic UX, and mean business, then we should talk.

I can demo in-person, or on a screen share.

Managing People
Product Management