claudia LAMY

Washington, District of Columbia, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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First time founder

About claudia

I find myself in the direction of starting my own Art Service Business.
I see my interests and talents come together with our progressive times with technology. I bring efficiency, order and streamlining systems in what I am involved with. But I need help in areas of fundraising, writing and legal.

With current and expanding technologies certain tools are emerging that help complete tasks and provide services. With the use of more technology requires for new services to reengage people to nature, other humans and their bodies. My interests in business, human behavior, solutions and art bring about me seeking to fulfill my vision of creating spaces for people to experience worlds within themselves. Creating virtual and real structures that provide people the chance to unlock parts of themselves.

I am a visionary, idealist with a realist mindset that is seeking to work with others. I look for people who communicate, thrive in collaboration, communicate directly and honesty with respect to themselves and others, focus on the solutions at hand. Who are progressive in thought about their personal life as well as professional.

Below are more information about how I am. They are personality test that provide views on how you function. If you are interested in personal development and working with others for professional settings and personal wellbeing I recommend them.

Myers Briggs:
I am a advanced ENFP who can also be a ITJ at times.

Strengths Finder by Tom Rath
Connectedness: Intuitive, see broad implications of situations
Strategic: Resourceful in forethought
Ideation -----Activator: Ideas to actions
Learner: curiosity and unfamiliar
Input: I collect things and information


Drexel University

BS Business Admin/Finance/Marketing

2002 - 2002

George Washington University

Bachelors of Fine Arts

2018 - 2018