Claudia Montanez

Public Relations

Brisbane, Australia


Startup Experience

First time founder

Age Group


About Claudia

Being a Psychologist has given me the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and manage my own and other people's emotions and behaviours, create awesome teams and network effectively. I have experience developing marketing strategies and campaigns. My life experience has also thought me many other skills that are useful in this new journey of founding a startup. I am from Colombia and I have been living in Brisbane for the past six years. I started from only understanding "hello" to a very good level of English that allowed me to get registered as a Psychologist; also, I've got my citizenship this year (six years to get those two is a short time if you compare with most similar cases). I've got the courageous determination and tenacity, (working on the patience) to build a successful startup. I am looking for a likeminded entrepreneur with technical expertise. I have some ideas I’d like to work on (related to sharing economy, mental wellbeing and rockclimbing) and I am open to new ones.


Registered Psychologist