Claudio Silva

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Claudio's Skills
Product Management

About Claudio

Hello I'm a 22yo Front-end & UX/UI Designer focused on (multi-device) web and residing in Brazil. I work with front-end technologies and UI design since 2007. Always loved web and web is where I belong to (so deep, I know).

Besides the front-end development I've worked with PHP (powered up by Phalcon framework) as server-side language and MySQL / MongoDB for database to create RESTful projects and APIs for both desktop and mobile devices.

Actually I'm looking for (a) partner(s) to put a B2C (or possibly B2B) project on flight. Basically I would take care of all marketing related stuff, branding and user interface of the project (which includes the front-end code if necessarily). The co-founder would take care of the logistics / server-side development and database design. But this is not a rule. If one does need a hand on any part I'm happy in help and give my opinion as I'm happy to receive it too.

I don't know how much of the project should be spoke here so I will try to resume it in a way that don't tell too much. It is real estate related, and will focus a lot on maps. So, if you already worked with maps APIs (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Here, etc) this project may attract you.

I'm looking for a Dev with ninja skills on Ruby (RoR), Python or PHP to work on this project. But if you think you're a Jedi on another language and can make it worth, I would love to receive a message of you. Also, any experience with AWS or DigitalOcean services will be a plus.

If there are any doubts please let me know. Also, if you got interested and want to talk, you can always get in touch.

This project is opened to people from anywhere, if you live far all you will need is Skype for meetings and at least intermediary english.