Clay Nichols


Blacksburg, Virginia, US

I was a startup before startups were cool
Clay's Skills
Business Development


At any moment, one Goal is your priority. Working on anything else at that moment distracts from moving the ball forward on that goal - me

Work Experience

Telcom Engineering Analyst


July 1992 - January 1994

Project planning for small rural telephone companies. Created a new service (assisting rural telcos with providing internet access to their subscriber base)

Software Engineer

Murphy Software

January 1994 - January 1998

Installation and Tech support & maintenance for remote video kiosks. Developed software for maintaining the kiosks. Designed add-on hardware module to guarantee uptime. Operation It would restart a Kiosk automatically if it's "heartbeat" signal failed. (Our company had other software (WatchDog) that would monitor the critical programs on the Windows PC. If they (or Watchdog) died, the module would reboot the computer.


University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULLa)

Electrical Engineering (Telecom emphasis)

1988 - 1992