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I've been investing and trading financial markets for many years. Many would say that financial markets are rigged and stacked against the self-directed investor, which seems to be true when looking at how badly the smaller investor fares with their stock market investments. The average man in the street relies on "financial advisers" or "gurus" for recommendations of which financial instruments to invest in, however commissions earned seem to be the major focus of these advisors rather than performance of their recommendations. In addition, the vast majority of these advisors rely solely on fundamental analysis of stocks in order to make their recommendation. Fundamental analysis only gives approximately 40% of the picture so the vast majority of valuable information is being ignored. It's like driving a car blind folded - not a very savvy thing to do. By examining a chart of the stock/bond/future or currency, invaluable information can be obtained.
I've developed a proprietary algorithm that gives the self directed investor the tools to compete on an even playing field with the market bullies. I've colour coded these to blue if the stock could be a good buy or red if it should be avoided or shorted. The MVP website was launched in January 2014 ( and has been receiving very favourable feedback from trial users. My aim is to make my website the premier goto resource for rapidly growing self-directed investors.
I am now looking for a talented programmer, who shares the same ideal as myself, to help me develop and expand the functionality and implement all the other facets that I have in mind for the business. As I am a self funded start-up, I'm seeking an individual who would be amenable to a lower rate of remuneration initially while we're gaining traction, and who would possibly want to gain some equity in the business later on.
If you have a passion for the financial markets and want to assist in the development of a unique product that assists with people being able to reach closer to their dreams, I would love to hear from you. Thanks.