Clinton Fisher

Bristol, United Kingdom

Clinton's Skills
Business Development

About Clinton

I'm looking for another likeminded individual to join me on a entrepreneurial adventure. I have an excellent business idea that incorporates both wearable technology and mobile applications that will revolutionise the exhibition industry as we know it today.

Currently I have conducted primary market research, consulted with Engineer developers to test feasibility of the product and gauged potential investors. I now need someone to join me from a technical background to help the company develop and monitor the creation and development of the product. My experience lies within Sales, Business Management and Marketing which is why someone with Bluetooth Low Energy and Product engineering experience would help propel this business to the next level.

I have a strong working experience in Sales and Marketing. I have worked both for large corporations as well as running my own companies from as young as 16 years old. My first business was a property management company focusing on gardens and swimming pool maintenance from 16 to 18. My second business was a sun-tan lotion business which operated on the south coast of Spain until the economic crash hit the industry hard.