Cody Robertson

Scottsdale, Arizona, US

Cody's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Cody

My name is Cody Robertson, I am a full stack designer, student, and entrepreneur. At age 14, I started my own creative agency ( which has enabled me to work with companies both big and small, mostly however, startups.
At an early age I saw the in's and out's of a startup from a multitude of views since I do full stack design.

This has given me first hand knowledge and insight on how I can create my own business which is why I am here. My idea is to democratize indoor mapping and navigation through a social shopping context. My company Honydo is ready to reach that level. Honydo is a free mobile in-store navigation and shopping list app for smartphones that allows shoppers to use and create live maps, see and create real-time store updates, and create intelligent shopping lists. The motto behind Honydo is: Together we can save time and money.

For Honydo, I have designed 85% of the app, drafted all the business strategies and plans, put up the site, done all the competitive analysis, I have done everything except make the MVP. I need a technical cofounder with an in depth understanding of complex data structures, a will to work hard, someone who has knowledge of dynamic systems, mapping locations, and is highly proficient in SWIFT/OBJECTIVE C and or C/C++. They need to understand how web servers communicate with native apps and be well versed in advanced mathematics (For the mapping) also a proclivity towards machine learning and or collective filtering techniques is a plus.

I don't have much money, I have an idea that will change the way we understand shopping, a well thought business plan, a will and want to succeed, and I am willing to (and I already) devote my all to see Honydo come to fruition. However, that doesn't pay the bills... I understand that, thus, I am offering a commensurate amount of equity for your help.