Cole Rowden

Toronto, Canada

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Business Development
Product Management

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First time founder

About Cole

My name is Cole Rowden and I am the founder of WyreApp. Im 21 years of age, I play hockey, and have recently graduated from Georgian College for Business Marketing. I also spent some years at the University of Ottawa before i dropped out to pursue my dream of creating this app.

I have already funded the whole project and will likely be live in the AppStore by the time you're reading this. (submitted to apple on 7/11/15 and will be live by 17/11/15). The product submitted is the IOS version and is my minimum viable product which will need updates, bug fixes, and android development. I have a team of developers that i constantly have to pay which is taking away from funds to market and really get this app noticed.

What I am looking for is a team or individual who is great at iOS and android development that can become a part of my company and relieve me from paying into developers pockets that only do it for the weekly paycheque. I have been dealing overseas as well as in Toronto with a mixed team of developers and it can become very stressful due to timezone differences so therefore i am strongly seeking local talent.

Without question, this app will impress you and that is why I believe it is time to build my team and take this thing to the top. Just to mention, WyreApp has been invited to AppsWorld London, UK and we will be promoting and building our brand stronger than ever at this event. The event is from Nov 18-19, you can check us out on their site.


Georgian College

Business Marketing

2015 - 2015