Cole Trumbo

Provo, Utah, US

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Let's build a giant balloon to strap on someone's back that lets them jump super high and float gently back down.
Programmer at heart. Entrepreneurship is only my hobby for now. I'm only interested in small projects (that are still awesome). I don't care about the profit. I spend around $1000 a year in "investing in a startup", which to me means building a minimum viable product or some equivalent step forward, and I have no expectation of earning it back. I just have a frenzied mind that needs to create things that are awesome. I have a full-time job in banking. My real career will be in fintech, for the foreseeable future. I'm stoked about that. But maybe one of these times some project will actually take off and I'll reconsider my career path.


Did you know economists have predicted nine out of the last five recessions? - economics jokes


Brigham Young University

B. S. Economics

2013 - 2016