Colin Bester

Austin, Texas, US

President at Bester Designs
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Software Architectural Design
Technical Architecture
Design Consulting

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About Colin

Co-Founder of Advanced Biotechnologies LLC, creators of the BioCharger ™ the worlds first solid state and cloud managed subtle energy platform.

Recognized as one of the founders and architects of the fastest growing Energy Management and automated Demand Response provider in USA.
Oversaw all aspects of the Site-Controls™ platform development, technology strategy and leadership.

Built and maintained the corporate mission-critical, above-site visibility, hosted data center.

Performed enterprise management of demand response and aggregation offerings.

Led the successful integration of the Site-Controls platform into the Siemens enterprise.

Managed R&D team consisting of 12 IT Engineers and 7 project-based System Engineers.

Orchestrated the release of new product items and system functionality to customer base.

Provided transition continuity to assist with platform integration and scalability.

Guided prototyping of new, low cost, on-site controller with extended functionality and reduced installation cost.

Conducted transitional cross-training initiatives to transfer knowledge regarding platform architecture and business model.

Maintained high levels of staff retention through the transition period, mitigating productivity gaps

Served as CTO and co-founder of Site Controls helping build a unique and proven successful business model for both Energy Management and Demand Response.

Guided corporate technology action plans, maintaining product scalability for exit strategy.

Built the core development and engineering team and implemented the Site Controls platform.

Partnered with executive leadership to establish and drive the IT roadmap.

Grew organization to 4000 connected customers and staff headcount of 80.

Created Intelligent Load Management (ILM), a solution providing high quality, aggregated and automated demand response to utilities with lowest possible consequence to end consumers.

Developed above-site solutions with historic and real-time data on a 1 TB database.

Served as an integral executive team member involved in sale of company.

Teamed closely with marketing for strategic updates and press releases.

Developed the largest, remote prepayment energy management metering system in South Africa.

Designed first remote controlled single phase meter with auto disconnect tested and approved by GE.

Work Experience


Bester Designs LLC

January 2013 - December 2016


University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

BSc Electrical Engineering

1982 - 1986