Colin Mack

Denver, Colorado, US

Founder & CEO of (Startup) High School Graduate-College Dropout, Family Man
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My name is Colin Mack and live in Denver CO

Details: I patented the storage process to Ecommerce to be able to deliver products immediately upon purchase from anyone or store.

Jumpur is revolutionizing and disrupting the retail industry by allowing a peer-to-peer e-commerce platform (P-commerce). Jumpur utilizes the public and their available storage(s) to store/warehouse products to be sold and delivered on demand to buyers in their communities.
You can store and sell products from your favorite retail store as a “Partner”. You can store and deliver products for the company offering a quick and convenient way to make money. We will be implemented into the retailer’s website showing that you have the product in stock and it will show your available times for delivery. You can also be an “expert” for the company by offering service on demand. You can install, or service items purchased or even simply take a service call through your partner company. Ex: Geek Squad for BestBuy. As a Best Buy partner, you can offer services that are ordered off their website or off jumpur if you are selling a certain item you can offer installation in home at the same time of delivery.
This can be for many different products and product markets.

Another option is being able to purchase small quantities of products from our exclusive qualified Jumpur Wholesalers or Qualified Vendors to make your own amazon like store. You can deliver on demand and you will have the ability to control all aspects of your business. You will be able to look through millions of items to sell wholesale through our platform making this a unique and easy way to start your business.

Sample of Several delivery options that will be available to pick from. Sellers can choose what they would like to do and how far they would deliver the product.
1. Custom Deliveries can made with a simple click.
2. Same day will be standard, Night Delivery, Early Morning or even within the hour after purchasing.
3. Heavy haul (furniture, Extra mile, Etc. will be offered to give the store and the customer various custom options of receiving their new product.

This is just the start. We will be creating something truly unique to retail.

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January 2019 - Today