Colin MacRitchie

Park City, Utah, US

Colin's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Colin

I started off in business with my company The MacRitchie Group, we advised companies on sales, M & A, executive training, etc.

I then ventured into advisory roles in everything from software to finance, I have a CCNA certification from Cisco Systems, although to be honest I have not done much with it and got it more for the knowledge when conducting M & A deals for networking companies.

I am the type of person that will be up at 4am working on deals, preparing documents, presentations, finance reports, etc. I know how to run a business and build/lead a company from the ground up. I am the type of person that will answer my phone at 2am if someone has a questions or problem and I love helping people improve their day to day lives through software solutions.

I envision this company growing to be one of the largest task management software companies in the market, with our unique and customizable software this is by no means not realistic. Having worked with many software and tech companies in the past I have realized that you don't need a unique idea to be successful, you dont need to be facebook or twitter or instagram to have a successful tech startup. What you need is a product that is simply better than anything else in your space, if you have that, you can and will do well with dedication and love.


Cisco CCNA