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Hi my name is Colin Martin I am owner of an internet based business called

To be honest the business the business is not all that successful and I made a lot of mistakes getting to to where it is. It needs a lot of work and development to make it a competitive player in the market.

I am starting this group in search of people with the skills and interest to get involved with me to accomplish 1 of 2 tasks.

1. Develop and improve on to make it a competitive player.

2. Start a brand new business using all the experience I have gained from getting intervue to where it its today.

If you have coding, design, UI, java, IOS, android, finance, marketing experience and are interested in dedicating time to a startup that we can bring to life, gain a tonne of experience and have a lot of fun along the way then you should join this group and get in touch with me.

The people that are chosen to join the team will be compensated with percentage ownership in the business. This is not a paying gig unless of course the business makes MONEY.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Thanks Colin