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About Michael

I'm a physical therapist by trade and an entrepreneur by passion. I am the founder of two startups (Physio 4 Hire, and Physio Connection), mentor at the Lean Startup Workshops, previous organizer of Chicago Healthcare Professional group, and have experience in social media marketing, sales, biz dev, and developed a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. I am hardworking and dedicated to networking, learning about the tech/startup world, and developing my skill sets. Prior to becoming involved in startups I was a successful manager for a large outpatient physical therapy clinic that saw 2000% growth in its first year.

We are seeking a fellow entrepreneur with a graphic design skill set to partner with in the development of a mobile app that will change the way we solve arguments! It is simple, fun, and built with spreading via social media in mind. A marketing website is almost complete and we are working on the initial application prototype as you read this. We are currently a two man team looking for a third to make this app work and look as beautiful as we imagine it to.

It is currently only me (business guy) and my partner (programmer). We are looking for someone who will be more than just a designer, we also want a co-founder and partner. Both of us are very open to ideas, suggestions, modifications, etc and hope you can bring more to the table than just hacking out what us non-designers have come up with thus far. We both currently live in Colorado Springs, but willing to drive to meet with you regularly if you live outside of the area.

Managing People
Product Management

Nova Southeastern University

Master of Physical Therapy

2005 - 2005