Colton Paulhus

Sacramento, California, US

Colton's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Colton

I grew up in Granite Bay, Ca and played sports my whole life. I am a previous division 1 collegiate football athlete, with a passion for entrepreneurship. I previously worked as an insurance salesman for Farmers Insurance. I am the founder of Athletes Entourage, an online platform that serves as a training assistant to athletes, trainers and the average person. I I have been working on this business I have started for over a year now. I have done a soft launch and want to do a little more with the site before I push it heavy. Overall, I am an extremely hard worker and push myself to the brink everyday. I am looking for a partner to help with responsibilities and help in areas I am lacking. I believe with the right partnership we can take this business to a multi million dollar company quickly.