Connor Kraft

Cary, North Carolina, US

Connor's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Connor

I have planned out a web startup that will truly revolutionize the internet marketing world. I have tons of connections who can get this to market right away; I can literally put this in front of thousands of people overnight. I just need it built. What I have designed is a plug-and-play marketing automation platform for anyone looking to connect with leads or customers using the internet. This has attracted the attention of some investors but we are unsure if we want an investment right now, as it is still early. We have everything all planned out, but still no finished product because we don't have a team of developers who can build it yet. We also have all of the business and marketing side handled, all we need is the development. With our business plan we can conservatively project a 7-figure revenue year one, and we truly believe that this can be the next big web startup. We have huge aspirations and hope that you will be with us from startup to billion-dollar enterprise.