Conor Lonergan

Dublin, Ireland

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Product Management

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First time founder

About Conor

I am a hard-working, creative practitioner with a background in creative multimedia, game & app design and development, music and sound recording.

For the better part of a year I have been working on AnnoX Industries, an exciting start-up based in Dublin, Ireland. AnnoX industries' goal is to develop games, software and technology to entertain, connect, and inspire. We are currently mid-way through the process of developing four products, three mobile games and one mobile app. We are hoping that these products will work together to bring the mobile gaming experience to new heights, while at the same time working to form and nurture a strong community for the growing number of mid-core and core mobile gamers.

During this last year I have been educating myself, trying to learn as much about the business side this start-up process as possible. I have drafted business plans, forecast sales and accounts, research marketing, company law and have pitched to enterprise Ireland and organised (upcoming) pitches to investors. What we find we are missing, however, is someone with some more experience within these areas, in which investors can feel secure in the knowledge that this person has been through the process before, understands the pitfalls, and how to deal with them appropriately. This seems to be especially important to outside investors looking in as we are quite a young team.

We are looking for someone to bring experience, and perceptible security to the table. Who has first hand experience in marketing, sales, finance, and business development. We would like someone who is in a position to be able to match the individual commitment to the project as the rest of us already working hear, as well as work well as part of the team.

The idea would be that, when a successful candidate is chosen, I would become more focussed on the inside functions of the company such as: project management, measuring the performance of the company etc.. The candidate would then be in charge of the outside functions, such as: articulating the vision of the company, dealing with investors, dealing with customers etc.

If any of this interests you at all and you would like to get in contact with me or meet with me then please don't hesitate to message me on this, email me, or ring me at 0860507146

I look forward to hearing from you.


Pulse Recording College

BA Hons in Music Production (Graduated with First Class Honours)

2013 - 2013