Conrad Curtis

Los Angeles, California, US

Conrad's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Conrad

CrewConnect is the a collaborative communication platform designed for the professional film production. Right now, the industry standard is combination of carbon copies, pdf's and excel spreadsheets emailed or hand delivered, resulting in massive repetitive data entry and huge wastes of energy on the part of the production staff, working crew, and eventually budget.

I am a designer and production professional who has worked at all levels of production from student to major studio films, and was always focused on the impact of digital technology on the production process. In April 2014 we won StartupWeekend Pasadena and our CDO designed the first screens from that weekend. Since then we've partnered with a CFO, brought in some early friends and family money and developed a waiting beta community. Right now we have a database built, front end designed, and are looking to build the application to get to MVP in the next few months.

We are looking for a CTO. Someone who is an innovation focused, full stack developer with a passion for entertainment and the internet of things. Ideally they have developed and launched an application before. We are a face to face groups so you are either in town or on skype daily, but we are very collaborative. Currently have two founders full time and one part time working another job. It’s totally fine if you work with a team remotely, or in house but should be able to help us shape a roadmap of the product and team necessary to create it as we scale. We've started out with our prototype in HTML with some bootstrap UI, and PHP on MySQL but want to move to native applications sooner than later. We've designed our UI in Sketch 3 so hopefully it makes the transitions pretty straight forward and we build our non-functional prototypes in InVision. Since our end goal is to guarantee functionality without connection to the internet, knowledge of hardware and NAS, particularly interest in leveraging mobile devices, BlueTooth LE, mesh networks and Fog Computing would be awesome.

We are passionate about creating thriving ecosystems in all aspects of our life. If you're passionate about making peoples lives better by creating beautiful, thoughtful tools and want to work with the most successful production professionals in the world - please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Also, if you are not interested in putting up capital we are mostly looking for a partner who is willing to work within our budget with equity.