Conrad Sze

Los Angeles, California, US

Conrad's Skills
Product Management

About Conrad

I graduated form University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical engineering.

I have been interested in power generation cycle and thermodynamic (have token my attention and interest) since my very first thermodynamic class at UCLA. I took two extra thermodynamic courses on top of my major requirements, and decided to pursue career success in this field.

In the past few years, I did several design projects on renewable energy at school. I designed a concentrated solar power (CSP) system that connects to a microgrid in the class that featured Smart-Grid; I performed evaluation on the steam generator of a nuclear power plant in one of my thermodynamic classes. Moreover, I am currently working as a pre-sales PV engineering analyst in a solar consulting and engineering firm, and gradually getting familiar with engineering project management with four professional engineers.

Under the energy crisis, I foresee the role of energy become increasingly significant. I believe I can expand the scope of my skills that I acquired from school, and sharpen my competitive edge in the energy industry by my strong diligence and eagerness to learn.