Conrad Wong

San Francisco, California, US

Conrad's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Conrad

I want to make some meaning of my life.
I like to create something that people like.
I have thousands of ideas. But I also know idea doesn't worth much, it's all about execution.
I like to build a team that works towards a similar goal - so "I" become "We".

Ideally, we can make money out of a business, but I'm prepared there's a 99% failure rate. But the 1% of success rate is worth to put my efforts to it.

I look for co-founders who think similarly. As for myself, I've been in digital advertising for 15 years as a creative. With the experience I got so far I think it's time to challenge myself for better achievement. And I already have a good team of 7-8 who work towards our goal.