Constantinos Avgoustou

Nicosia, Cyprus

Constantinos's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Constantinos

It's simple.

I am an experienced business consultant in EU Financial Industry, specialised on Risk Management and the EU regulatory reporting regime (Basel III, CRR, CRD IV, EMIR, MIFID I, MIFID II +).

I have the knowledge and the expertise to take advantage of a great opportunity within the financial sector with an established market and clientele. I am looking for dedication and responsiveness in order to get a product in the market within months. There is no need to spent money as it needs the programming piece to join my experience.

Potential funding opportunities exist through my network, but this is for a later stage.

Therefore, I am looking for the right candidate with extensive programming knowledge in order to make this work, as soon as possible.