Cora Lanting

Business Development, Marketing

Taipei, Taiwan


About Cora

Hello! I am a person with big ideas, a dreamer if you want to call it. I saw years passed by that ideas inside my head has become a real thing for others. It's always "if only". I became an entrepreneur myself two years ago, having handled an international trading of shoes, cosmetics, and accessories. I watched it (ok, let's face it) lose its heat (or fail). Now, I said to myself, to find what I really dreamed of and what I believe I am destined to do. I continuously refine my ideas, ask questions, learn as much as I can in my current job. What I am looking for right now is a developer or techie expert who can help me realize my idea (s).


National Cheng Kung University


2015 - 2015

Southern Taiwan University


2009 - 2009

University of the Philippines


2007 - 2007