Coralix Themes

Montevideo, Uruguay

Coralix's Skills
Product Management

About Coralix

I am the owner of a company called CoralixThemes. I have been selling digital products through a huge wellknow company called Themeforest. My company get the Elite category in the second year and we are in page 4 of top authors in a site with more than 6,014,162 community members.
We create our products from PSD HTML Template WordPress.
In my studio I have all I need to create great products:
1. Designer team
2. Front-end Developer team
3. Project Manager
4. WordPress Theme Developer team
I also have support covered, with a support team for it.
The profile on Themeforest has 4-5 starts.

We have been doing marketing landing pages, html templates, psd design and WordPress Themes.
In our portfolio you can see designs for different industries, like: medicine, business, portfolio, real estates, education and more.

I am looking for a marketer guy who can help us get out from Themeforest and get the best of our items and sell them in our online store.

We think we have a high quality theme that can bring good sales outside Themeforest, and we need a marketing expert for that.

If you are interested in please write to us!
Kind Regards.