Cordelro Brown

Tuscaloosa, Alabama, US

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First time founder

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About Cordelro

I am currently working on a social media platform for activists This platform will act as a catalyst in the supplanting of traditional grassroots organization, for the informational, and technological-driven, age. It is a platform where people can actively partake in the concept known as digital democracy. This is using digital platforms to collectively organize to change polices that effect a particular group of people. Users will be able to message other users, post article, create groups to organize protests and meet ups. The ideal user will be the 18 - 25 demographic, whom are knowledgeable or enthusiastic of social, civic environmental and economical injustices and seek a platform to voice their opinions.

I am currently searching of a co-founder who shares the same passion for creating a platform like this.


"All great achievements require time" - Maya Angelou


University of Alabama

Political Science/Criminal Justice

2010 - 2013