corey connolly

Maroochydore, Australia

Founder of C J Blanx (Product) Co-Founder of Salbait (Software) business owner of CaptivateTrades
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I have a disease of constantly thinking of better ways to do things in Business and in life. Starting my entrepreneur career over 10 years ago Ive learnt a broad range of the whole process of Start ups and running a business. Although some of my Start-ups have come close to great success my biggest success is that I haven't given up and the last 10 years have led me to where i am now.

As I write this I'm the process of modeling and validating my next project which is a Multi-sided B2C Market place that will effect a billion dollar industry. I'm really excited about this because the first client that will be on the platform is one that I'm extremely knowledgeable about. I'm looking for Advisors, eventually investors and maybe even a Co-founder to Advise the technical skills that I don't have at my core experience for example Raising funds, Coding, Digital Marketing, growth.

Fell free to contact me Im happy to help anyone also.


Insanity: Is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. - Albert Einstein

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January 2017 - January 2019

Software that helps brands get exposure through offering discounts