Corrado Giuliani

Ancona, Italy

Corrado's Skills
Product Management

About Corrado

I've accomplished a PhD in ECG signal processing and analysis and i've some experience in sport medicine. I've got this idea of an ultra-wearable ECG device which:

- could connect with any android (eventually IOS) device and/or with some operator available 24/7;
- could analyze in RT ECG signals, giving warnings to both the user and the operator, for any emergency;
-could store and backup both locally and online hours of recordings to be analyzed offline by any specialist;

Most of the now available wearable devices are just strips to be placed on the chest, or some cover for an Iphone/android, which i believe are quite unaffordable (just 1 lead) and noise-intensive.
I could easily make the signal analysis part, but i definitely need at least an eletrical engineer and a android/ios programmer.