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Mostly I need an CTO and CFO to build-up an important team...

The project was developed using canvas business model and it will work ;)

I'am working on it from the end of 2012, but it was very draft in that period...Unfortunately now is really huge and I need someone who can help me in tecnichal en financial sector.

We are talking about a B2C business model ( web platform and mobile app ) able to certificate the feedback in order to have it 100% trustable...

The IT system includes mobile payment, so I need someone with NFC experience or able to develop the app using VISA or Mastercard Wallet library inside...

About marketing, in order to reduce the cost, it will work mostly using Buzz, WoM and Social Media Marketing...

I can't explain all now, but we are not talking about an easy system.

Send me a message if you could help me...

See you Guys.


La Sapienza (Rome)


2001 - 2001


Web & Social Media Manager