Cory Cobler

Franklin, Tennessee, US

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First time founder

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I have over 10yr experience as a Commercial Artist, 15yrs experience as an application developer and I am currently the UX Architect for a $1B Medical Service Company. I have a couple current entrepreneurial projects in mind and I am looking for an equal partner with heavier experience in Business Development, Sales and Marketing.

TheCrowdedSoul: The Crowded Soul is a Social Self Improvement Game.
The Game is for the player to select specific areas of his/her life that they want to enhance. The game would give the player an ordered list of accomplishments they can do to enhance that specific skill. The player would select a number of crowded friends that will verify the completed accomplishment. Upon completion of the accomplishment, the player needs to convince the crowed friends that the accomplishment has been met. When the number of Crowded Friends acknowledge that the player has completed the accomplishment. The Game will assign the accomplishment points to the specific skill area. When a player gets a specified number of points for a skill area the player can level up for that skill. When a player reaches specific levels for a set of skills the player can be assigned to an expertise role.

Antresia: An entrepreneur resource collaboration application.
Many entrepreneurs or start-up businesses have great ideas, but small businesses fail everyday because they do not have the resources to transform these ideas into a finished products. In the quest to gather the skills and/or resources to develop the idea, the new start-up often requires funding before it can acquire the resources needed to develop the idea further. The more developed a project/product is before acquiring funding ( if at all ) the better chance it has to become a successful project.

CMSLite: A content management system that manages your website content not your website....

FutureVehicle: A man sized drone with continuous rotary pitch that will transport users at over 300mph to there destination.

CastingConcepts: .... will fill in at a later date.....
MyAIGarage: .... will fill in at a later date.....


Anything can be done. Time, Complexity, and/or Budget, pick two... - Cory Cobler