Cory Cohen

Culver City, California, US

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Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Cory

I have stumbled onto an emerging market that needs a major facelift, something that can be found all around us. It is an industry that needs significant change to keep up with the times, and there is virtually no competitors at this time. That being said, there is significant demand by customers for a solution. This project is not spin-off of a previously created widget; it will stand alone and will revolutionize the market in multiple ways. When completed, it will generate the attention from people of all walks of life, as this industry is enjoyed by young and old, rich and poor. It will also bring benefits to both businesses and consumers alike and address secondary and tertiary problems that may seem unrelated but actually are very intertwined.

This project requires the development of a “Web-App;” Website + Mobile Application.

I am looking for a co-founder that has many of these skill sets, and because there will be significant sweat equity at first (financing can be discussed in person, but it is not something I am concerned with) you will be well-compensated with appropriate equity and decision making power.

1. Software Developer / Code
2. Mobile App Developer IOS, Andriod
3. UX/UX Developer
4. Project Manager (IT Jack-of All-Trades) Track Record in this Line
5. Graphic Designer
6. Website Developer

I am looking to find that unique person, someone who is trust worthy, open-minded and not afraid to speak their mind. Please be honest about what you know, but almost as importantly what you DON'T know. Having previous success and a track record is great, but having determination, heart and a passion for creating something that can help others is far more important. I cannot promise you are going to become rich, nor can I say that you WON'T achieve financial success with me; what I can promise is that you will be working with an individual who has a passion for creating change in a positive manner and meeting problems of the world with viable, scalable solutions.


Nova Southeastern University

Marketing & Entrepreneurship

2010 - 2010