Cory Finlinson

Provo, Utah, US

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About Cory

Currently working as a software engineer at a growth stage startup in Salt Lake City, UT. Not actively pursuing opportunities, but open to networking and ideating. I'd love to be involved in a social enterprise. I'm most interested in personal finance apps and anything that helps people eliminate monotonous task from their lives so they can do more human things with their time.


In our excitement about how great a technology makes us feel or how amazing it is that technology can do x or y, however, we forget the more important question: What is the human value of x and y? Does it keep its human value if done by a machine? - Sherry Turkle

Work Experience

Software Engineer

Lucid Software

June 2017 - Today

Full-stack development of Lucidchart, a highly interactive web app that helps people communicate and think visually.

Software Engineering Intern


April 2016 - August 2016

Backend development of learning center for geneology website.

Software Engineer

May 2014 - September 2015

Full-stack development of an innovation platform built to connect inventors, entrepreneurs, investors, and customers.


Brigham Young University

BS - Applied Physics

2009 - 2016

University of Rochester

MS Technical Entrepreneurship and Management

2016 - 2017