Cory Holliman

Dallas, Texas, US

Cory's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Cory

We have had many launches of businesses in the past. I am well known for my MLM or Network start ups such as Ignite, Ambit and Ampegy energy businesses.
Since this happened I have been mainly focused on helping the small business own to not get crushed by the Wal Marts of the world.

We have a great idea that gives back to the community without having to have them create a "deal" or discount, just to bring connections and customers into the business.

We call it TradeYa!
Barter is in our DNA.
It predates currency.
Everyone has traded something.

What is TradeYa?
• TradeYa is a web/mobile bartering platform
for all consumer goods & services
• Incorporated in Jan 2012
• 17,000 Users – estimated $5MM gross
merchandise value
• HQ in Venice Beach
• 8 FTEs – 3 in US, 5 in India
• $550k Seed Round – closed 2012

How we’re different?
Bartering is a unique transaction that’s more like dating than
buying and selling.
Our competitors have repeated the same series of mistakes:
- Assume bartering is a buy/sell transaction.
- Build a buy/sell platform.
- Squeeze bartering into it.
- Fail.
Bartering is a fundamentally social process that happens in a
different part of the brain than buying and selling.
TradeYa’s platform is the first to recognize this and build a platform
around it.

TradeYa Makes it easy!
We make initiating transactions SIMPLE and LOW RISK – just click “want”.
Our technology and machine learning assists users with personalized recommendations.
TradeYa is the first social bartering platform & the first platform truly built for barter (not buy/sell).
Like Airbnb we leverage the social graph to build trust and help users get to know each other.
TradeYa makes the negotiation - the core activity in bartering – frictionless.
TradeYa signed a 6 year deal with A&E hit show Barter Kings.
We also have some of the best on our team:
Jared Krause /CEO (Live Nation, Good Life)
Shantanu Bhardwaj/CTO (Juniper networks, Good Life)
Bob Vanech /COO (Eureka, Cadforce)
Walter O'Brien / Al Guru (Scorpion computer Services, Oracle, American Funds)
Rebecca Rogers /Creative Dir (Kazaa, Skype)
Cory Holliman/ CMO (My Social Fusion, Ambit energy)

We are in beta but are looking for more marketing investors