Cory Woods

Los Angeles, California, US

Visionary, UI/UX, Creative, Gritty, Consistent, Branding, Attention to detail, kinda hippy
Cory 's Skills
Business Development
User Experience
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

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About Cory

***1st company did $224k Gross Revenue in the first year without our website launched (shut down, partners went different ways - happy to explain if you're curious). That's not a lot of cash flow but it shows I'm revenue driven and always work a sound business model into the product.

Hi Cofounders! I'm Cory, a contrarian thinker who is driven by solving problems. My motto is "Team over self". To jump right in I'd say my value to any team or project would be the following:

Creative + Design Eye -
I'm keen on simplicity as less is more, and optimization of user experience is my #1 focus
- UI/UX skills including (Invision, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator)
- Powerpoint presentations
- Pitch + Product Decks
- Innovation/ideation

Analytical -
I always start with WHY, and that usually leads me to find holes/voids in a market, business or idea. I pay attention to the small things which can be annoying to some but a small leak can sink a great ship. That said, I think BIG picture first and then narrow the scope to outline the incremental steps it will take to execute the vision.

I'm not classically trained nor a master of any specific trade. I'm divergent by nature meaning that I'm always looking FORWARD and need to slow down sometimes to focus on the NOW.


"Know Thyself" - Socrates