Courtney Livingston

Denver, Colorado, US

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Product Management

About Courtney

I created a way to analyze Facebook posts to figure out which types (topics, length, day/time, keywords, structure) are most effective at driving specific business goals (engagement, sales, impressions, web traffic) and used it on a major client and saw amazing results. So I tweaked the method a bit and used it on Instagram and was successful. Unfortunately, the process is pretty labor-intensive. It's explained here:

I need someone who can help me tap into the social network API's (to automate the data pulling) and run the analysis (I'm thinking this is just visualization of the data and making sure it's statistically significant). Ideally, if it could use natural language processing to add the appropriate labels and tags, it could nearly run itself. At another level, if it could use image recognition (like, it could predict successful Instagram and Pinterest content as well.

I've worked at agencies and on the client-side and I know this is a big pain point for them. I just don't have the development skills to put it together myself.