Courtney Schwarten

Alexandria, Virginia, US

Courtney's Skills
Business Development

About Courtney

I am looking to build a small advisory team of intelligent, well connected people who are willing to step up to the challenge of how to package something brand new that doesn't follow traditional rules - and has a track record of working across cultures (USA, Latin America, Switzerland, China, Russia, Australia, Canada).

We have unique, leading-edge online tools and training that teach the skills required for success in increasingly global and uncertain times. It's all designed from a systems approach, with scalability and succession planning in mind from the start. Some content has already been translated into Spanish and Russian - but still only delivered to a small audience.

Because we have so much content and could move in a number of directions, I am looking for support and input to determine the smartest moves for where and how to aim our (currently) limited resources, moving the company to the next level.