San Antonio, Texas, US

CP's Skills
Product Management

About CP

I have a wide range of experience in the mobile telecom emerging technology marketing –business Development /Marketing -Global Strategy, which includes, software development applications in GIS spatial location predictive analytics, Big D, Virtual Cloud, MHealth, M2M, Connected devices, unified communications, managed large scale enterprise development and regional, national market launch of emerging mobile technology products and service in the SMB and Enterprise market. Predictive Marketing Strategy market development of potential customer analytics for new product launches for market entry. BIG D data analytics on virtual cloud platform. Large scale system enterprise development from concept to market. Managed over 300 globally. Have startup experience with my own 3 startups. Helped other (advised) startups and Advanced Research Universities, in market potential and management of emerging technology development to market entry. Identify and build teams (management, finance, marketing, and engineering) for product development to market.
Have wide range of background and experience in Finance, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Engineering Design, Architectural Design, Software Engineering, Computer Modeling, Bio Systems Informatics, GIS – Spatial Informatics, Mobile Emerging Technologies, Global Business Development, organized Global Advanced Technology Conferences for Advanced Research Universities – to develop new Markets and Market applications and building teams. BIG D data base design and applications. Emerging Mobile technology – market applications and development.