Craig Babcock

Seattle, Washington, US

Craig's Skills
Product Management

About Craig

I am a former software engineer with a background in UI/UX design and game development. My role in our current venture is that of Producer / Product Manager. My partner is an accomplished Graphic Designer, and is our Creative Director. We are seeking a hands-on programmer/developer to join us as our technical co-founder. Ideally, this person would own our technology stack and make all (or most) decisions relating to software architecture and development.

We are building a web-based app that combines elements of social media sharing with alternate reality gaming (ARG), primarily for mobile. Thus far, we have a functional prototype built in WordPress, and much of the design work has been completed.

If you are interested in things like: ARG, Augmented Reality, Social Media, Guerrilla Marketing, Geocaching, QR/NFC, etc., and have the technical chops, we would love to meet up for coffee or beer.