Craig Cott

Chandler, Arizona, US

Craig's Skills
Product Management

About Craig

My passion is to help design and build highly usable and intuitive user interfaces for clinical providers to the electronic health record.

Delivering medical care is a knowledge intensive and expensive activity. Computerized electronic health records (EHRs) promise increased healthcare quality, efficiency, and safety. Adoption of EHRs is mandated by the US government. The problem is that doctors and nurses find that user interfaces for current EHRs are cumbersome, unsafe, and hinder clinical decision making.

Our solution involves studying the mental steps a psychiatrist works through in seeing a patient, and how these steps relate to his psychiatric knowledge. We constructed a user interface prototype specifically to support the psychiatrist’s process. This prototype is currently (03/12/2015) being evaluated with a web experiment at Initial feedback is very positive.

The purpose of this venture is to create better medical user interfaces, beginning with psychiatry. We will fully develop this software using state of the art techniques and tools and make it available to psychiatric practices and EHR companies. We will then expand to other areas of medicine. The same process can be used for any medical specialty, and indeed any task requiring decision-making based upon expert knowledge.