Craig Denny

Reston, Virginia, US

Cofounder @DreamPerch Innovations, building a new venture at the intersection of music and social
Craig's Skills
Music Analysis
Music & the Arts
Business Development
User Experience

About Craig

My forte and passion is conceptualizing and designing innovative social technologies for launch and licensing. In every endeavor, I aim to foster exceptional human experiences and more fulfilling lives. Social impact and commercial success are inseparable guiding aspirations.

I'm working on a groundbreaking, patent-pending app and platform focused on music and transformative social experiences. We have conducted full user validation trials and are turning to pre-beta app development.

I'm interested in partnering with highly motivated individuals who have talent and experience in startup execution and business operations; tech platform architecture and development; digital marketing, user vitality, and scaling; and advanced data analytics.

We're also interested in talented college students/recent grads looking to intern, learn, and grow in various technical, research, and business capacities with a fun, exciting, and path-changing new startup.

PS: If you have a jones for music, that's a plus. And you'll love this venture. :-)


"We're here to make a dent in the universe." - Steve Jobs